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We are featured this month in Skin Inc Magazine:


We are very excited and honored to be invited to the Celebrity Lounge Red Carpet event for the Golden Globe Awards in January in Los Angeles!  Please let me know if there are any questions at all, I’ll be happy to assist!ing about your business here.

The Medispa Naturals Difference

Medispa Naturals is a professional skincare line with unique effective treatments and luxurious skincare products to support beautiful and healthy skin. We use high quality natural and environmentally friendly ingredients in our formulations. We fuse nature and science together to bring you a perfect product.

Medispa Naturals is a dermo-cosmetic line, meaning it works differently than traditional skincare products because the molecules in dermo-cosmetics are finer and better able to penetrate into the second layer of the epidermis. Some of our dermo-cosmetics have a warming or flash stimulating feeling on the skin when the product is first applied. You feel the product working on the skin immediately, this feeling is the product absorbing into the dermis.

Supporting Nature for a Living Planet

With every product we sell a portion of the proceeds go to a good cause. We plant trees, save endangered animals and prevent cruelty to domestic pets. We contribute to stopping the degradation of our natural environment and building a future in where humans live in harmony with nature.

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